Xander Glaudemans

4 May 2017


Alternate and Effective

These are the 2 forces that Xander characterizes most. This means that he can switch quickly and tap-in on … anything actually. 🙂 Xander likes action and movement. To arrange and arrange things. That’s why he’s very good at that.

In addition, Xander is a skilled cook and talks in an inspired way about cookery, music and our business of course. There is something magical about Xander. When he talks, you listen. He’s fascinating. He understands like no-one else how to make complex things easy to explain. That’s great for us and our customers.

As an effective alternator, he knows, as no other, to get people involved, touched and inspired. He knows quickly what fits well together. The right people, the right ingredients, the right wine for each dish. Do you want to celebrate a perfect evening? We are convinced that Xander will give you the perfect advice. And tasteful of course.


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