29 December 2015

Together we’ll create marketing- and communication plans, create a creative concept, corporate story and a tone-of-voice for your organisation of brand.

We work goal-oriented. We don’t like to just make something cool. Questions like “who are you?”, “What is your organisation about?”, “Where do your clients want to go” and “What do they have to do to get there?” are exemplary for our thorough but nevertheless hands-on mentality on the field of strategy. No thick reports but practical research that leads to feasible plans.

Strategy & Concepts examples


Organisations often approach us with a brilliant idea. We usually question the market if they also feel that sparkle. Often this is not the case. Besides marketresearch and usertests there’s something else we can put on the table: a clear vision. In the end, besides critical thinking and hard work, a strong vision is elementary. In the end, we know who we are, what we are going to do for which market, and how we are going to get there.

Communicationstrategy & mediaplanning

After that, we make a balanced mix of push, pull and dialogue strategies. As an independent office we plan which media fits your purpose best. The deliverables are clear-cut agenda’s (short-, mid- & longterm) that perfectly specify which medium will be used when and for which goal.

Social media strategy

Social Media is such an important part of the communicationmix nowadays, that we have extra attention for this field. Extra attention in our own research (often in collaboration with students from Fontys) and custom app development.

Conceptdevelopment & Artdirection

We are capable to brainstorm without our helmets on, but never fail to spice up our infantility with a sense of reality and purposefulness.  We can bend inspiration in feasible concepts, where we touch the fitting tone-of-voice, atmosphere and spirit.

Call to action? Yes please!

What can you do to get your strategy moving?
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