4 May 2017

Founder, creative

Original and Effective
These are the 2 forces which characterize Mieke the most. Like no-one else she can come up with new ideas or insights that do work. Expect surprise, renewal and a sharp eye when she arrives. They will be present, especially if she is enthusiastic.

She is strong in finding innovative solutions for… almost everything actually. Products, services, new startups, big branding trajectories. No challenge is too big or too small. Even though she has a preference for complex things that are seemingly insolvable. As contradictory as it seems, insoluble cases present her an extra large door, open to unconventional and original thinking. She loves them! (She has also acquired 2 patents with licensing and so on). 🙂

In addition, she is a model freak. In a positive way. Ask her to explain a part of reality in a new model that helps increase effectiveness … you could wake her up at night for that. We guarantee that working with her will be exciting, stormy and innovative. But certainly also effective.


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