Claire Dünnebacke

4 May 2017


Responsible and Discovering
These are the forces which characterize Claire the most. That means that she is  very reliable in fulfilling her promises. If Claire does something she will do it well. She gets energy from it. Claire is watching closely that  everything is good and fun for everyone (no one excluded), which makes her a valuable team mate. Claire is extremely curious about other people in a positive sense. She knows how to unravel how to really help someone else. Actually, Claire is just in one word, very much LOVABLE. Believe us. 🙂

As a detective, she knows like no one else how to ask the right questions and to investigate. She likes to travel and new experiences give her a lot of energy. She also likes to travel with you, when you tell a story. She shows great empathy and understanding and therefore she is a wonderful person to talk to and to make arrangements. Claire LISTENS, Feels and Anticipates. Do you want to talk to Claire? We understand that all too well 😉

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