4 May 2017


Deepening and Groundbreaking
These are the forces that characterize Ariën the most. This means that he can like no-one else empathize with other people or matter. He is a strong analyst and no challenge is too big. We therefore call him ‘mister-fix-it-all’, and he certainly does not have that name for no reason.

When he is busy in his deepening mode, you can be sure that he goes right down to the sewing seam of things. Working well and hard. It makes him solid and reliable.

As a groundbreaker, he knows, as no one else, to raise the limits of reality. That is why he often develops exciting and new concepts, designs and innovations (such as the first steam-meal for which he’s lived as a nomad for weeks to get to this brilliant idea). But just as well he loves flat humor, followed by booming laughter. And oh, Ariën likes a beer. So when you call him to drink a beer, to philosophize about life and to raise the boundaries of what is possible.
He’ll definitely make time for you … undoubtedly. 🙂

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