Brand Encounters is a media agency dedicated to create beauty, impact and a strong bond with your audience. We work together with you to create the perfect communication plan, the desirable brand, and beautiful media. Also important: we give workshops, so your organisation has the skills needed to operate them as well. To keep your brand alive and kicking. If needed, we provide all the needed content on a daily basis. To top it up, we check the effects of all our efforts, analyse them so together we can make the change for maximum effect.


  • 9 March
    Tinder Love

    Tinder, OkCupid, chatbots or the newest VR porn. Numerous apps and sites are specially designed to satisfy our needs for intimacy.

  • 22 Februari
    Social Selling

    LinkedIn is much more than a digital rolodex or a CV-tool. In the last years the possibilities of Linked-inhave expanded enormously

  • Merry X-mas!
    Smashing NewYear!

    We wish you a great warm Christmas and hope your New Year will be smashing! We’re closed from December 25th till Januari 1st.